Use the TOR browser to surf the Internet seeming to be in another country

Tor Browser

Tor BrowserTOR Browser Bundle is a version of Firefox modified from the no-profit organization TOR Project that permit to be anonymous on the internet using their network.

In simple way, TOR Browser makes that our traffic passes through many nodes before arrive to destination, so the destination see you with the attribute of the last node, the Exit Node (IP address, Country, …).

In the standard configuration of TOR browser the choice of the exit node is random, you could appear from Dublin, Toronto, Rome or any other places. But there is the possibility to configure TOR browser to force the choice the exit node of a specific country.

TOR browser is absolutely opensource and multi-platform, so it runs on any operating system: Linux, Windows and Mac OSx.

To install it on Ubuntu Linux use the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/tor-browser
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tor-browser

At this point you’ll find TOR Browser in the Dash of Unity.

The first time you start it, the following window appear:

Tor Browser

Usually you have only to click on Connect to start to surf anonymous the internet, but if you have problems you have to change the configuration clicking on Configure button.

When everything is ok, you can test what is the country that seem the country where you come from. You can do it with many web sites like What is My IP for example. Use it in TOR Browser and at the same time in your usual browser, you will see the difference.

But if you want to appear from a specific country you have to configure TOR browser to exit from an exit node of that country.

You have simply to change the configuration file torrc that in Ubuntu Linux is in the following path:


Add the ExitNodes parameter specifying the ISO code of the country from which you want to exit.

For example, if you want to exit from Germany you have to indicate the following instruction in the file torrc:

ExitNodes {DE}

save it and run TOR Browser, then if you check what is your IP the result will be similar to the following:

what is my IP

ATTENTION: the ExitNodes parameter tells to TOR Browser what is your prefered exit node but the result isn’t sure at 100%.

For more information about any other TOR browser configuration you can read the TOR Project FAQ.

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