How to disable system request menu to a user on AS400

as400 signon

as400 signonWho manage an IBM AS400 server knows that some users use in a bad way the system request menu functions.

For example:

  • they open an alternative session and after they forget it, so usually they lock some record for themselves
  • they close the session in bad way with the “X” button … ops

If this happen only few times it isn’t a big problem, but for users that don’t understand the right way to use the system request menu you have to use drastic solutions: disable the system request menu.

You can make it simply using this following command:


where User_Name is the name of the user you want to disable.

When the user will try to use the system request menu will obtain the following messagge:

No authority to use system request functions.

… and your life will be more happy 😀

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